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What Is A “Shave-Ready,” “Shave-Tested” Razor?

If you are a constant citizen of the ebay.com razor public auctions like I am, there appear to be a great deal of vendors available slapping the terms: “shave-ready” and/or “shave-tested” on their razors. www.theguysshavingclub.com/straight-razors-reviews-for-men You are also beginning to see 2 expressions utilized currently on various other sites that offer razors. While the significances could show up self noticeable, you may be shocked at just how much the OUTCOMES of stated razors could vary. You owe it to your face as well as your purse to ask individuals that wish to offer you a razor for even more information concerning just how they specify these terms. Believe me, it is necessary.


I can virtually see the digital sidewards head-shaking when I gave this response. It was time for me to obtain an education and learning. I was informed that razors directly from the manufacturing facility could be extremely, extremely sharp … yet they will certainly not offer a close, comfy cut. In order to do that, the razor’s side should be “completed” on a mix of exceptionally great refining rocks and also strops (typically, lengthy strips of natural leather which could or might not be treated with a gently unpleasant paste). You see, the sides of ALL sharp steel things are serrated to some extent. While you could see the serration plainly on many blades, they could be fairly actually tiny on a straight razor. That they are extremely little, does not imply that they typically aren’t there.

When, on a chilly December mid-day, I choose to begin cutting with a straight razor, I browsed the web as well as acquired a wonderful brand-new Dovo (a great German brand name) straight razor, a badger brush as well as a puck of cut soap, experienced an intricate pre-shave regimen, consisting of warm towels from the microwave (not suggested), simply to earn certain that my skin awaited this brand-new experience.

The procedure of hand-honing a razor on those superfine rocks (My finest rock is 30,000 grit. To place that in viewpoint, a blade will certainly be taken into consideration completely honed at 1,000 grit), and afterwards on natural leather, is developed making those serrations as little as humanly feasible. A factory-honed razor leaves serrations that are method also big for a comfy cut. The outcome is that “Nighmare On Elm Road” look that you were NOT looking for.

I continued to obtain among the toughest, bloodiest cuts of my life.

Currently I need to place a minimum of a few of the blame on my lack of experience as well as that I was cutting skin yet extra to a straight razor, yet still, the razor was capturing on my skin and also merely not reducing hair as a straight razor should. After inquiring numerous well-informed straight razor electric shavers, I was asked where I acquired my razor. Next off, I was asked “that made it shave-ready and also was it shave-tested?” During that time, these terms were unknown to me. I responded that I purchased it via Amazon.com from the maker and also both the advertisement as well as the item insert ensured me that the razor awaited usage.

The term “shave-ready” is bandied concerning in the wet-shaving globe as delicately as political leaders guarantee reduced tax obligations. On its face, it is rather uncomplicated: it suggests a razor that prepares to cut with. However exactly what does this suggest? If you buy a great brand-new Dovo razor from Amazon.com (or off of any kind of variety of various other trustworthy business websites), you most likely think that it prepares to cut with. The little pamphlet inside the “casket” (package that holds the razor) will certainly also state so. So you excel to go. Right? INCORRECT! I talk from agonizing experience.